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Denver and Lone Tree, Colorado

About Us

Quadruple Board Certified cosmetic surgeon, Dr. David Broadway, has been practicing cosmetic surgery in Colorado for over 20 years. In 1996 he opened his Centennial practice which included himself and one staff member. Today, Dr. Broadway and another renowned Colorado plastic surgeon, Dr. John Millard, have established bod:evolve, a true center of excellence providing patients a place to begin their journey towards total beauty, health and wellness.

Dr. Broadway’s new bod:evolve facility now employees close to 30 staff members and is an all inclusive cosmetic surgery center that offers comprehensive body sculpting procedures utilizing the newest, most sophisticated surgical equipment, and a broad line of beauty maintenance programs.

In addition to the new 7000 square-foot office located in Lone Tree, Dr. Broadway and Dr. Millard had another ambition to design and build a state-of-the-art surgical center that far surpassed other surgical facilities in the Denver area. Renewal Surgery Center, owned and operated by Dr. Broadway and Dr. Millard, is solely dedicated to cosmetic surgery procedures and provides patients a high level of focused, specialized support and care. Both facilities are located within the same building making it easy and comfortable for our patients during and after their cosmetic surgery procedures.

Dr. Broadway is well respected in the medical community and has continuously been recognized as one of the top plastic surgeons in Colorado. It has been an aspiration of his to open the bod:evolve facility and a future vision to continue the growth with additional facilities located throughout Colorado. Because of his upstanding reputation, Dr. Broadway’s patient clientele has grown immensely over the years allowing him to accomplish the first goal of establishing bod:evolve and Renewal Surgery Center. In 2009, Dr. Broadway will be one step closer to his second goal as another bod:evolve facility in Cherry Creek will be opening.

Dr. Broadway and his entire staff are here to help patient’s look and feel naturally beautiful, and to help erase signs of aging. The staff longevity in our office will provide you with a comfortable feeling that you have chosen one of the most preeminent cosmetic surgery facilities in Colorado with the most knowledgeable and experienced team. It is our goal to provide to patients the best tools and resources to help answer all of your questions about your life changing cosmetic procedure. We are here to make the entire journey from start to finish as pleasant as possible, and to ensure you have a beautiful result.

To our patients who have consistently stayed with us since Dr. Broadway began his practice, we thank you. We could not be the successful center that we have become without your support and referrals. To our new patients, we look forward to meeting you and are excited to be a partner on your path to renewed beauty. Contact our bod:evolve staff to schedule your initial consultation.

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