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Denver and Lone Tree, Colorado

Rhinoplasty, commonly referred to as a “nose job,” is one of the most popular plastic surgical procedures performed every year. Reshaping the nose occurs for a variety of reasons. Many patients may be unhappy and self-conscious with the way their nose looks, though some of these patients suffer from breathing difficulty that can be fixed with a rhinoplasty. Whether your reason is aesthetic or corrective, Denver plastic surgeon Dr. Broadway will consult with you to discuss your goals.

Rhinoplasty Candidates

You may be a good candidate for rhinoplasty if you wish to correct:

  • A nose that is too large or too small
  • A nose that is too wide
  • A nose that is asymmetrical
  • A nose with an oddly shaped tip
  • A nose with a crooked or humped bridge
  • Breathing problems

Types of Rhinoplasty

Dr. Broadway performs two types of rhinoplasty:

  • Open rhinoplasty – Incisions are made in the columella, the vertical strip of skin separating the nostrils. The skin and tissue are then lifted from the underlying structure so Dr. Broadway can see the anatomy of the nasal area. This is done for major reshaping of the nose.
  • Closed rhinoplasty – The skin is separated from the bone and cartilage after incisions are made inside the nose. The cartilage and bone can then be removed, reshaped, or rearranged, depending on your ultimate goals and Dr. Broadway’s decision. This is done for minor reshaping of the nose.

Rhinoplasty Recovery

A rhinoplasty can lead to a very different looking face. This can be exciting, but recovery will take time. You may not see the final results for a year. However, in the immediate aftermath of your rhinoplasty procedure, you will have nasal packing and a cast placed on it. Pain can be controlled with medication.
Your nose will be swollen, but you will likely have stitches removed a few days after your procedure. The cast can be removed a week following your rhinoplasty. Swelling can last two weeks, but it will gradually decrease up to this two-week period. A marked decrease in swelling can be seen one month past your rhinoplasty, but it can take a full year before all swelling is gone.
If you are interested in discovering how a rhinoplasty can improve your aesthetic or ease your breathing, please contact triple-board certified Denver, Colorado plastic surgeon Dr. Broadway for an initial consultation.

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