When Breast Implants Need Repositioning

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Serving Denver, Lone Tree and Boulder, Colorado

If you are among the women whose breast implants shifted position, Denver area cosmetic surgeon, Dr. David Broadway, has good news for you. Women whose implants have shifted laterally or bottomed out, or women who feel their implants are too large usually benefit from breast implant repositioning. Our patient advocate can answer breast implant repositioning questions immediately.

Breast Implant Malposition

Breast implant malposition occurs for several reasons. The primary ones involve stretching or sagging of the breasts and their encasing pockets. The implant can shift in whichever direction the pocket stretches. The breast implant can shift laterally, to either side, or downward, which is called bottoming out.

Shifting can cause breast implant wrinkling or rippling. Sagging and stretching can result from pregnancy or breast-feeding, aging, or simply over time after an initial implant surgery. Breast implant repositioning can be treated surgically by a procedure called capsulorrhaphy. Capsulorrhaphy involves closing up the pocket with sutures and immobilizing the implant. This is the same procedure used for breast reduction, when implants are replaced with smaller implants. Smaller implants would also be likely to shift because the pocket, sized for the original implant, is too large for the replacement.

Choosing the Breast Implant

After Dr. Broadway completes his examination and evaluates your implant status he will make recommendations about your implant. This may be to use and reposition the same one, or to exchange it for another type, shape or style that he believes will give you the most natural contour and stability. You may wish to change from a saline to a silicone gel implant, or vice versa.

How Breast Implants are Repositioned

Dr. Broadway will determine whether the implant pocket should be repositioned from a subglandular to a submuscular location, which might give better and longer-lasting results.

If Dr. Broadway uses the original pocket, he will surgically reposition the breast implant by placing the original or replacement implant in the correct position, then suturing it in place with specific types of stitches inferiorly and laterally. The suturing reduces the size of the pocket, closing it up where the implant had formerly shifted, or could shift in the case of a size reduction. The implants are stabilized in a position that results in the most attractive shape.

If you think you would benefit from having your implants repositioned by one of Denver’s most renown cosmetic surgeons, please contact our office today. We proudly serve patients in the Denver, Lone Tree and Boulder, Colorado areas.